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The Bears Should Sign This Dog To Play WR For Them IMMEDIATELY

I'm 99% sure this video wasn't sped up or doctored in any other way and that this dog is just the fastest fucking animal on the planet but if it is doctored, I apologize for spreading #FakeNews. I'm not actually sorry but that's me attempting to cover my ass even though I think I'm all good. 

Holy shit this dog can fly though. That's about a 3.0 second 40 yard dash out of this guy and I am acting on Ryan Pace's behalf and tendering him a contract to come play WR/KR for the Bears. I mean A-Rob is great and all but he's not really a deep ball threat. Not some BURNER that can take the top off a defense, and that's exactly why this dog would fit into Matt Nagy's offense. 

Speaking of Matt Nagy's offense, we had a dude by the name of Dan "Big Cat" Katz on Red Line Radio today to go over everything Bears season. I hope I don't spoil today's episode for anyone by saying this, but none of us really have any confidence in this regime or this team. I think they're gonna stink. The schedule is the 2nd most difficult in football, the defense is old, Andy Dalton's old ass is the QB and the OL is beaten, bruised and tattered. This dog will save the season for us. 

RED LINE RADIO IS LIVE!!! Also included: game-by-game schedule breakdown with projected win/loss totals. Football is back and so are we. Loaded show with a bunch of other shit including the infamous WSD crack story and a major announcement to our programming schedule. All Gas No Brakes.