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The Creators Of "The Last Dance" Are Making A Documentary About Doyle Brunson's Life


I am so glad this is happening. One thing that absolutely could not happen was Doyle, who is a young 88 years old, leave us without sharing all of his stories. This is a guy who has seen it all. He was a star basketball player with NBA aspirations until an injury cut his career short, and then he pivoted to poker, the wisest decision he ever made.

Doyle has seen and done it all in poker. From backroom parlors and smokey bars to the bright lights in the biggest games in Las Vegas. He's seen guys get shot at the table, and he's won and lost millions in a day. He's gambled with every major gambler there ever has been, and has stories for days.



The Last Dance was fucking great, and I expect this to even top it. For real. Gamblers like Doyle are so unreal, and their stories are so outrageous, but all 100% true. 



Needless to say, I absolutely cannot wait for this documentary.


On this week's Cracking Aces we were joined by Jamie Kerstetter, who is joining the booth at the WSOP. 



She was great as always, and has us fired up for the WSOP which starts in only 3 weeks. Me and Mintz will be out there opening weekend, absolutely cannot wait.

Appreciate all who subscribe to the podcast, we're 98 episodes in and loving it.