This Week's Spittin' Chiclets Is The Best "Best Of" We've Ever Dropped

Episode 350 of Spittin' Chiclets is a "Best Of" consisting of eight fantastic interviews we did since the start of last season and it's a Murderer's Row:

Brent Sutter

Bob McKenzie

Jody Shelley

Shane Corson

Torey Mitchell

Chris Nilan

Jon Cooper

Nathan MacKinnon

We've never had a "Best Of" quite like this before. Old school coach. New school coach. Tough guys. A superstar. The best hockey reporter on the continent. A possible vampire. This ep has it all.

Giphy Images.

Each guy has great shit to share like Nate Dogg so give it a whirl.

Also---sit tight because we have an unreal surprise guest coming on for the next ep. 

If you haven't watched our HockeyFest videos yet, here ya go…