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We Are Sick and Tired of Bachelor in Paradise Contestants Showing up NOT SINGLE

This week's Bachelor In Paradise episodes revolved around contestants showing up to the beach with "plans" and potentially already in established couples. Grocery Store Joe said it the best, there are not a lot of rules in Paradise. However, show up single. That's really all we ask. Brendan and Pieper appear to have been full blown dating before coming on the show. Making it VERY known that they want to boost their social profiles together as a couple and utilize what Paradise would let them promote together. Which, yes, of course, we know people go on reality TV for those reasons. However, it completely ruins it for the viewer. I am not trying to watch Brendan and Pieper just go on a PAID vacation for weeks and not talk to anyone else. Natasha was paired up with Brendan before Pieper was arriving on the beach. This was very strategic from producers to make sure Brendan and Pieper did not show up at the same time. Brendan lied to Natasha's face throughout the entire time he has been on the show. 


Natasha had clearly been used and thankfully karma is coming from Brendan. He started the show at around 350k Instagram followers and has since plummeted. Oh you wanna use the show for fame and openly talk about your followers? Bachelor Nation wants none of that. Natasha was around 97k before Monday night's episode aired and has since SURPASSED Brendan. You just hate to see it. 

Tuesday's episode was frustrating to watch because we just wanted everyone on the beach to freak out at Brendan and Pieper. I don't know if it's because Pieper has friends there and Brendan has been a fan favorite before all this, but no one touched it. Instead everyone focused on getting Chris and Alana off the beach, two people that were sent home night one on their respective seasons. Chris certainly went into Paradise thinking he had a plan with Jessenia and a plan with Alana but just completely botched it when he decided to make out with Alana right in Jessenia's face. Jessenia did NOT hold back letting Chris know how she felt, and Joe and Riley stepped in to make sure they packed their bags. 

We are REALLY hoping that this energy does not die down and they bring up the same issues with Brendan and Pieper, who were actually a full blown couple showing up the show. We agree with Joe...please just show up single.

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