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Silver Back Gorilla vs Grizzly Bear

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On Today's Pardon My Take we discussed the Mount Rushmore of which animals we would want to see fight.

With this final Mount Rushmore my 1-1 pick Silverback Vs. Grizzly Bear is a heated debate. We have to look at the statistics to determine who would win in a fight and some important psychological factors behind the creatures.

That's the tale of the tape, bear obviously larger, Gorilla stronger in general and a stronger bite force. Gorillas are also way smarter and has opposable thumbs while Grizzly has huge claws.

The bulk of people assume the Grizzly would win hands down but then there is the psychological side of things.

My argument is if we start assuming mindsets of the animals is that are we sure the bear would actually kill the Gorilla. So my thought process is that we assume both animals are trying to kill each other and take every necessary step to do that, thus we could see the gorilla use its apex thought processing that higher primates do have. We could see the gorilla trick the bear into some sort of trap. We have to remember Gorillas actually know sign language and are capable of higher learning, I believe a gorilla could fashion some sort of solution from their surroundings to gain an advantage over the bear because I am Team Primate (I am biased as a primate). But one on one hell in a cell Grizzley has the advantage (but the Gorilla could climb on the top of the cage and drop down on the Grizzly to cause damage, it all depends on the surrounding). 

These will never happen unless society collapses and we end up in a post-apocalyptic world where they recreate the Roman coliseum. So this is the closest we will get to it.