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Max Scherzer Is Going To Run Away With The Cy Young Again, Isn't He?

He may be in a new uniform and on a different coast, but Max Scherzer is doing the damn thing again. He's the leading candidate for yet another NL Cy Young award and the only other person really close is his teammate Walker Buehler. The numbers speak for itself, 13-4, 2.28 ERA, WHIP of 0.86, 210 Ks and only 33 walks in 154 innings. It doesn't matter what uniform he's in, what team he's on, what coast he's on, if he is on the mound he is going to go 7 and strike out 12. They should just start engraving his name on the Cy Young right now.

Dallas: "Lets play a little game here, Jared. I'm going to give you 2 numbers and I want you to guess which one is which. One of these numbers is K/9, the other is K/BB. Close your fucking eyes cheater. You ready?"

Jared: *closes eyes*

Dallas: "12.6 is Max Scherzer's what?"

Jared: "Well give me the other number"

Dallas: "No."

Jared: "Why?"

Dallas: "Because it's my fucking game."

Jared: "This seems unfair."

Dallas: "It's not."

Jared: "That's like asking me a question and then giving me the first multiple choice answer and then being like "IS IT THIS OR NOT?" Are you gonna give me a B? Well yeah."

Dallas: "Yeah, I'm gonna give you a B."

Jared: "This is terrible."

Dallas: "I want you to tell me where you think that number is. Is that his K/9? Is that his K/BB?"

Jared: " It sounds like his K/9."

Dallas: "Perfect. Because you're incorrect. 13.2, Jared, is his K/9. 12.6 is his K/BB ratio."

Starting 9 is the only podcast out there where one host has the other close his eyes to answer a question, doesn't really make sense but that's Dallas and Jared for ya. They also talk about Vladdy Jr hitting his 40th bomb of the season, the insane run that Wander Franco is on, how damn good the Rays are, the Braves infield making history, and Sal Perez also reaching the 40 HR plateau. You knew Dallas had to touch on the Sox meltdown loss against the Rays, and they break down the extension for Charlie Morton as well. A lot of stuff packed nice and tight into this S9 episode. 

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