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A Breakdown Of How Much Money Patrick Cantlay Made PER SWING This Season Is Insane

INSANITY. I wish I was so much better at golf. Imagine making 4,000 dollars every time you swung a golf club. The other number that blew my mind was Cantlay making $984,000 every tournament he played in. That basically means he took home a winner's check every time he entered a tournament. That's so crazy. He earned it, though. Patrick Cantlay played his balls off. Now, people might say that Jon Rahm had a better year and that's certainly up for debate, but making 22 million dollars in one calendar year playing a game is a good year no matter how you slice it. 

We talked about the Tour Championship, the Solheim Cup, the Dave vs Brooks match getting postponed and whether or not we'd take a pill that made it so we wouldn't have to sleep. Enjoy!