The Rumors Are True: Rick Hahn & WhiteSoxDave Are Actually Best Friends

Another week of Red Line Radio yields another awesome interview. This summer has been an unbelievable run for guests with a new office and plenty of momentum. It continues this week with WSD's best friend in studio for a very long and personal conversation. This is the 5th baseball season covered on Red Line and we've been telling the White Sox rebuild story the whole way. There's definitely some full circle shit going around the show these days. The guys that have been here since day 1 know exactly what I'm talking about. Coach Q, Cutler, KB, Roquan, Brett Bielema, Patrick Wisdom and that's just the last couple weeks. Excuse me for taking a moment to enjoy the progress. 

Elsewhere, I think the most interesting thing about the White Sox came out of Dave's mouth this week. The team has only played one (1) game this year with the expected opening day lineup. You can bank on injuries throughout 162 games but that's admittedly excessive. Even with how good the Sox have been, there's objective room for the club to get better. While the starting pitching has definitely exceeded expectations, you can hold out hope the lineup will be trending up into October. 

Working in that favor is a remarkably easy schedule to close out September. Save for 6 games (3 Oakland, 3 Boston) in early September, the remaining balance is at or below .500. This is exactly how you want to start September with the division all but wrapped. It's a luxury that lets the club work backwards from being 100% come ALDS game 1, and its made better by having Tony LaRussa around to run the process at 30,000 feet. It's a good situation. 

Even so I'd be remiss to point out how much the White Sox have destroyed bad teams this year. They're 28 games over .500 against the last and 2nd-to-last place teams across baseball, 6 games under against the rest. That works in tandem with the lineup being banged up all year and having dominant starting pitching. A lot of the bad losses against good teams came early. There's a lot of cover for the discrepancy so I wouldn't get too caught up in the noise I'm making. Just worth pointing out if you guys want to get pissed off later should you face cold stark disappointment. I'll be here waiting. 


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