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This Brewers Super Fan Says He Will Get A Bernie Brewer Tattoo If The Brewers Win The World Series

Putting some Bernie the Brewer ink on the line for a Brew Crew title, is Jared crazy? I love the creativity, and I don’t think it has a very good chance of happening but at least he’s trying to will it into existence. They do have a decently sized lead in the division at 7.5 games over the Reds but I’m not sure I can see them making a run past the Giants or Dodgers in October. But I will say this, I’ll 100% be rooting for them to do it and win it all to see Jared get this tattoo.

Jared: "I'm still a Brewers fan, I'm still here rooting for the Brewers."

Dallas: "You have shown that you will definitely accept a dinner invitation and then if the table next to you has dessert and you like the way that dessert looks, you will absolutely get up from the table you're at and go sit down at another table and enjoy yourself." 

Jared: "If there's a Brewers - Reds series you know where I'm gonna be at. You know what side of the ballpark I'm sitting on."

Dallas: "I don't think we do. That's the message here"

Jared: "I'll get a fucking Bernie Brewer tattoo right now."

Dallas: "No you won't."

Jared: "Yeah I will."

Dallas: "You heard it here. You fucking heard it here."

Jared: "Yeah, why not."

Dallas: "You won't get Bernie Brewer tattooed."

Jared: "Yeah I would."

Dallas: "If I get Shohei Ohtani's name tattooed on me will you get Bernie Brewer tattooed on you?"

Jared: "Yeah"

Lot of tattoos on the line now, Dallas randomly throwing out he'll get an Ohtani tat while Jared promises to get Bernie The Brewer tattooed on him if the Brew Crew take it home. Mr. Brewer himself even had to weigh in. 

A lot to unpack in this episode, the Orioles ending their 19-game losing streak with Shohei Ohtani on the mound, Brandon Woodruff being a MONSTER, maybe the game of the year with the Dodgers and Padres in 16 innings, Kris Bryant putting the Giants on his back, Rays with a hell of a comeback in Philly, some Jack Flaherty injury updates, Triston McKenzie breaking out, Frankie Lindor, the return of Alex Bregman, and the guys reaction to Yadi Molina hanging up the cleats after 2022. 

If you haven't already, make sure you subscribe and give a thumbs up to the Starting 9 Youtube to watch the video versions of the podcast. Nothing better than the look on Dallas' face when he talks about the Orioles knocking around Ohtani on the mound.