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Masturbation Is The Sincerest Form of Charity

This week's Twisted History is all about charity.

Smitty is my co-host, and we covered as many examples as we could… From Al Capone's soup kitchen during the Great Depression to Pornhub Cares planting over 15,000 trees as a result of their “Pornhub Gives America Wood” campaign. 

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But my favorite charity of all time is a Taiwanese foundation called “Hand Angels” whose sole purpose is jerking off disabled people, both male and female, who are unable to jerk themselves off.

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The wheelchair-bound founder of this group who goes simply by the name "Vincent" was crippled after being struck with polio, and he was inspired to set up his group because although he was fortunate to have the use of both his hands, he realized that others are not as fortunate.

Volunteers (or as I like to call them "the jerkers") come from varied backgrounds; some are gay, some are straight, some are disabled, some are Ph.D. students, some are social campaigners, and some used to work for Barstool (I think). 

(To be clear… I don't mean Willie.)

And before you ask… The jerkers are only allowed to use their hands. 

Hugging and kissing on the face are all fine, but anything penetrative is not. This means there are no “Mouth Angels” or perhaps “Rectum Angels”… Yet.

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You can learn all there is to know about Hand Angels by clicking on the link above and… Who knows?… Maybe you have what it takes (strong forearms) to make some poor bastard's dreams cum true.

Take a report.