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The Yankees Are Officially Winning The 2021 World Series

Well, there you have it. No reason to play the rest of this baseball season. It's over. It's a wrap. The Yankees won a game on August 24th, 1996, so that guarantees they're winning the 2021 World Series. The logic is flawless there. Thank you to Pinstripe Dan aka Barstool Big Cat (from Pardon My Take) for coming on and helping us with that realization. 

But all kidding aside, this season is starting to feel special. I haven't yet had that World Series "feeling" yet. I had it the entire 2009 season, when they did win. I had it in 2017 when they went to Game 7 of the ALCS but lost to the cheating Astros. I had it somewhat in 2019 when they had "Next Man Up" and "Fucking Savages" but lost again to the cheating Astros. You need those special kind of storylines and little things that happen throughout the season to get THAT feeling. It's hard to explain it. But you know it when you feel it. 

Our producer TJ said that he had that wave of emotion about a deep playoff run come over him yesterday randomly during Picks Central. And while I did start to get it a little bit last night during our live stream and with Big Cat coming in afterwards to do our Derek Jeter chants and August 24th trends, I'm still waiting for THAT feeling to really sweep over me. I can feel it coming though. 

Look, I've been plenty negative about the Yankees this season. I called for the firings of Boone and Cashman multiple times. I probably have cursed out every player multiple times. Hell, I cunceled the season twice. But honestly all that negativity was deserved. We are in the reaction business. When we're doing two podcasts every week to talk about games, and the Yankees are losing a lot of those games with pathetic efforts, then we're going to be negative. I can't apologize for being passionate. But since being 41-41, they are on a 33-11 roll and look simply unstoppable. 

And "those" storylines are starting to come. The entire Andrew Velazquez storyline of a Bronx kid getting a shot with his favorite childhood team and performing while he lives with his parents is special. The entire team having their own, Yankee strain of COVID leading to another year of "Next Man Up" is special. A guy like Rougned Odor has brought energy and life to the team all season. The entire Italian Stallions storyline with the additions of Rizzo and Gallo reinvigorated the team at the deadline. (Buy those shirts HERE). I can see Italian flags waving all over Yankee Stadium in October. 

The vision is starting to form. I can see us doing the Yankee playoff streams from our gambling house in Hoboken (go download the Barstool Sportsbook as it's now live in New Jersey). I see Pinstripe Dan getting us going with Derek Jeter chants. I see Carrabis and KFC making fun of me for cuncelling. I see Italian flags all over the World Series parade. I see it all coming into place. And again most importantly, they won on August 24th so it's basically a lock. 

Listen to the full latest Short Porch episode here. We had on Pinstripe Dan and also Joba Chamberlain over FaceTime. Name a more iconic duo.