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Ryan Fitzpatrick Believes In The Phenomenon Known As Fitzmagic

On today's Pardon My Take... RYAN FITZPATRICK! The quarterback of the Washington Football Team joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter today to discuss his journey in the NFL, what grit means to him, revenge games, and much more. Of course, there is one thing that comes to mind with Ryan Fitzpatrick on the gridiron: Fitzmagic. When the Harvard grad's team is down late in the game, Fitzpatrick flips the switch and powers his team to victory quite often. But does No. 14 know when Fitzmagic is about to happen? He answered that on today's show:

Mr. Cat: Alright, the most important question I have for you: Fitzmagic. Do you know when Fitzmagic is happening? We know as viewers. It's basically when Ryan Fitzpatrick decides he's going to start doing some crazy stuff and win a football game. And it doesn't really make sense, but it makes perfect sense because we've seen it so many times. Do you feel it? You're like, "Oh, I got this. I got the Fitzmagic today."

Ryan Fitzpatrick: It's definitely, in football and especially in my career, there are times when I feel the momentum when I feel things are going our away, when when I feel like I need to create some momentum. So, yes, I think it's I mean, we could call it whatever we want, but there is a very real like zone that I get into at times, and you start seeing the crazy eyes, and the weird fidgeting body, and it just, something takes over me and I don't know what it is, but I guess we could call it that.

Mr. Cat: It's Fitzmagic.

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, it is Fitzmagic. What's the ultimate example of, like, the most Fitzmagic play that you're ever had? Because we could go with the recency bias and we could say last year against Oakland, or I guess Las Vegas, excuse me, when your helmet was backwards on your head, and you just uncorked a 60-yard dime. Would that be the outstanding moment in Fitzmagic?

Ryan Fitzpatrick: I mean, one that came to my mind when you said that, o the beginning of 20-, it's hard for me to remember the years, too, but the beginning of 2018, when Jameis was suspended, and I played, and I wore DeSean's guard. You know, first week, we played the Saints and beat the Saints at their place, which never happens. And then the next week, the first play of the game was a touchdown, 75 yards to DeSean, I put his stuff on. The next week, we played the Steelers and we're down 30-10, and it might have even been Monday Night Football. And we came all the way back and I threw a touchdown on an audible double move to Mike Evans in the left corner of the end zone - that reaction after that throw was peak, whatever we're calling it.

Mr. Cat: You could say it, just say Fitzmagic!

Ryan Fitzpatrick: I don't like saying it.

Mr. Commenter: Can you say the word Fitzmagic?

Ryan Fitzpatrick: Well, you can fill it in. Fill in the blank. 

Mr. Cat: OK, so then can we now, some people say this, but I don't, but some people, because it also rhymes: Fitztragic. When things go the other way, some people say that. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick: Fair, fair.

Mr. Cat: That always bums me out.

Mr. Commenter: I always think that's part of Fitzmagic. Because you don't have the highs without the lows.

Mr. Cat: True.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: Yeah, and I would just say that there's been more highs than lows recently. So, I get the narrative, especially, you know, years and years ago in my career, especially in Buffalo, you know, having some games where we weren't necessarily scoring many points and losing by a lot and trying to make the Las Vegas blind throw without anybody grabbing my face mask, that's why I was able to do it. I had a lot of practice. I get that some of those moments people can hang on those, but I think it's been more positive.

It doesn't matter what team you root for - there is simply nothing like Fitzmagic on a Sunday afternoon. Whenever Ryan Fitzpatrick decides to retire, the NFL should simply name The Witching Hour after him. It was must-watch football every single week.