Sam Ehlinger: Stats Don't Tell the Story

Ok, I know this doesn't look too good. 

But as Sam Ehlinger's number one fan and believer we gotta look at the tape to see what really was going on. Here is a cut-up of every snap he took in week 2.

Important points from these plays: One incompletion on a slant route. One pick on a slant route that was tipped.

Pick 6 from a tipped slant route. Incompletion after throwing a shot on a 1v1 vert while getting hit. 

An incompletion on the wheel route to the back. 

Of his 5 incompletions, 3 of them were on the same slant reads that were not working out. The balls were all tipped up in the air, yes they were a little high, but it's also on the WR to box out on the slant and catch the ball. When the ball pops up like that a lot of the time it's because the ball hits the WR right in the facemask. The incompletion on the wheel route was a late read, and he was smoked while throwing the vert. The stats don’t tell the true story, Sam ran the team well and I am sticking with him.

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