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It Turns Out That Scottie Scheffler, The 20th-Ranked Golfer In The World, Is A Huge Stoolie

Big show today. Live from Liberty National where the Northern Trust is happening this week. We have Wyndham Clark and Scottie Scheffler on today's pod. They're both great and we found out that Scottie is a HUGE stoolie. Like massive. We had no idea but it became abundantly clear as soon as we sat down with him. We've always liked Scottie because he seems like he has a good vibe to him on the golf course and we've talked about that vibe many times on the podcast. Well we finally got him on the podcast and it turns out he loves Barstool Sports so our feeling on his vibe was correct. He knew everything about Barstool. He loves the Goalie Challenges, he knew all about the stuff we've done as a golf podcast, he wants to come to Barstool HQ, the whole thing. He's also the nicest dude in the world and we had a great chat with him. Always cool to see somebody who is so good at what they do (20th ranked golfer in the world) also love a place like Barstool Sports.