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Coach Deion Sanders Reveals What Went Through His Mind When Gillie Da Kid Was Penalized 15 Yards for Running on the Sidelines

On today's Pardon My Take... it's a TWOFER FOR THE PEOPLE! Bobby Hall, aka Logic The Rapper, joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter in addition to a familiar recurring guest and coworker: Coach Prime, Deion Sanders. The man at the helm for the Jackson State Tigers hopped on the show to kick off football season and discuss the big 7-6 win over Florida A&M over the weekend. In addition to that, the guys broke down the new "Coach Prime" doc, and a did quick breakdown of the NFL season. 

Speaking of that win for JSU a few days ago, a unique set of circumstances took place on the sidelines during that game. Gillie Da Kid, our coworker, was spotted running down the sidelines to celebrate a JSU touchdown that was called back. He and the Tigers were assessed a 15 yard penalty for that, so what did Coach Prime think of what went down? Take a look:

Mr. Cat: You won outright, so I was happy. But I think the biggest question, though, coming off the game is what the conversation was with Gillie after he got your team a 15 yard penalty for spiking a football on a play that actually got overturned and came back anyway.

Coach Prime: First of all, I still don't know how we got a penalty because it was after the play, and I don't know how we could be penalized after the play, and you can't assess a person on the sideline to us, but what happened was...

Mr. Cat: You barely know him!

Coach Prime: That's what I told the referee. You got to understand, this is a true story right here. The referee came to me and said, "Your kids all left the sidelines," which I'm assuming that's the penalty, because the whole team ran down to the sideline, you can't do that, that's illegal. So, I'm getting on my team's butt, just going up on them, just letting them have it. After the game, I get on a plane, and I finally check my phone. I'm looking at my phone and I'm seeing... GILLIE SPIKED THE BALL! What! What! When did that happen? Oh my God, I didn't find out that happened until I was on the plane. I didn't know it happened. So, I called Gillie today, I said, "Gillie, I talked to the commissioner of the SWAC. You're suspended for four games, you can't come back to homecoming, and your spike was horrible."

Mr. Cat: Yup, it was. It was bad. 

Coach Prime: But the good news is, you're mainstream now. You're trending.

Such a funny situation from many different angles. Thank goodness Jackson State won the game, because if that weren't the case, there probably wouldn't be much to laugh about from Coach Prime's point of view. But the fact of the matter is that the Tigers found a way to come out on top, and unfortunately for Gillie, we won't be seeing him on the JSU sidelines celebrating anytime soon.