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Is It Crazy To Say The Giants, The Team With The Most Wins In Baseball, Wont Win Their Own Division?

Well August 15th has come and gone, that was the date that Dallas said the San Fransisco Giants wouldn't still be in first place by. Well not only are they still in first place, they have a 4 game lead in their division and have the most wins in baseball and it's not really close. They're playing really good baseball and you may have heard they added Kris Bryant, he's really good too. The Giants will be making their way to October and I believe it'll be with some brand new Division Champion t-shirts on. There are still some people out there who think it would be silly to question the Giants and they are still keeping an eye on the Dodgers in the division. Is a 4 game lead big enough for them to stop looking over their shoulders at the Dodgers? Or are the Dodgers going to really turn it on and put some pressure on San Fran?

Dallas: "I want you to tell me that you genuinely, honestly believe that the San Fransisco Giants, on paper applying the same logic that gets the Dodgers being better than everybody that you're using.

Jared: "Yeah...."

Dallas: "To tell me that they're the second best team. And I don't think you honestly believe that. Two games go the other way for the Giants and we're sitting at just a 2 game separation here. Do I sound like an asshole at all for telling you that the Dodgers are now threatening the Giants for the division?"

Jared: "I think they're still a threat 4 games back."

Dallas: " SO DO I!"

Jared: " They're one of those teams that...."

Dallas: "Which is why I'm not ready to tell you that the Giants are gonna win the fucking division."

That should be a very interesting race to watch as the season winds down in a few weeks. We all thought it would be Dodgers - Padres fighting for the division title with the Giants in the rearview, now it's the complete opposite. Jared and Dallas welcome back old friend Mike Clevinger to the show to talk about his rehab and the state of the Padres. You know Dallas will have some love for Tyler Gilbert and his awesome no-hitter, Triston McKenzie messing around and bringing a perfect game into the 8th. The Braves rise to the top of the NL East is on everyones mind, Gerrit Cole's return from COVID and his start on Monday, and another big comeback with Fernando Tatis Jr. returning......but in the outfield? 

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