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The Fancy Dinner Snake Draft Was So Much Harder Than Anyone Wants To Admit

This was probably the hardest draft topic we've had in some time. I think that's a fair statement in reflecting on the pressure from pick-to-pick. Not a ton of a clear cut first round value, but so many 3rd and 4th rounders that deserve a nod and mention. So before we even get into the draft, please understand this was a more challenging topic than initially anticipated. As such it should be no surprise a group of 30-something year olds leaned heavy steakhouse. That was just about the only thing you could expect heading into the draft. 

I'm not complaining. I'm just going on record before all that fancy rich guys blow me up for not knowing duck liver origin stories and the like. Let me get out in front and say it wasn't a big area of expertise. I can assure you that won't compromise entertainment value. 

Here's some other big observations as we head to this week's polls. 

Do You Go Soup Or Salad? That's a big category when talking Fancy. Not a ton of greens jump off the page right away while there's a dead heat for the top two soups. Even so, that naturally makes for a big opportunity to differentiate. Play it safe early with a couple of the heavy hitters, or wait until the later rounds and get cute with a novelty? This kind of thought pattern kept me up for a week. 

Why No Dessert? It should be obvious but we're loading up for a dessert draft at a later, unannounced date. I'm not saying leadership made the decision lightly, but it's important to note it wasn't an accident. There's room to get into the dessert tray and it makes a lot of sense to block off all 5 rounds when we cross that bridge. Besides everyone knows fancy desserts don't bring the same punch. It could have fit but there's a better avenue. Ultimately I think it was the right decision even if some feathers were ruffled in the process. 

What Is Escargot? I still don't know. Things got a little off the rails there which is on par for talking about exotic French delicacies.Or crustaceans. Or just a really specific dish at a local restaurant that a majority of the contestants recently consumed together. In all cases though there were instant fireworks followed by closely noted personal offense. In other words it was textbook snake draft drama. One of the all time great steals in competition history. 

It's Harder If You Don't Go To Fancy Restaurants: It's probably because I can't afford it but I don't go to a lot of fancy restaurants. I haven't gotten to that point in life and I'm in no rush. But I know some people are and they're going to be horrified with how we talk about fine dining. That's okay provided you don't project all your other insecurities onto the internet while complaining. Don't let our limitations completely ruin your day. 

Fancy Appetizers Suck Compared To The Traditional Classics: I'm not spoiling picks but it's worth noting that a lot of fancy appetizers suck. They're often undersized, overpriced or both. Nobody likes a cheapskate but when I'm picking up on inflated margins, you know something is suspicious. It's just another example of why rich people are so fascinating. The more money you have to spend on food, the more ridiculous that food becomes. And there's no bigger landing spot on the menu for this dynamic than the appetizer section. Rich & Fancy people are so weird. 

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