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Glenny Balls Does NOT Want To Be Fingered

At least not at Arby's...

And on top of that one finger-skin-in-a-sandwich-situation which happened in 2004 at an Ohio Arby's that made Glenn Balls visibly ill on this week's edition of Twisted History, there was yet ANOTHER similar occurrence at the same chain...

In 2012, a Michigan teen found another chunk of finger flesh in his Arby’s sandwich… This time, the piece appeared to be the back of a finger, including the pad and extending beyond the first knuckle.

Upon learning of the 'isolated and unfortunate accident,' the franchisee's restaurant team stopped food production and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the restaurant.

Again... In addition to Arby's just flat-out lying when they said it was an 'isolated and unfortunate accident' when it happened once before, the franchisee's restaurant team stopping production and sanitizing their restaurant does not seem like enough of a punishment.  Nor does the 50 grand the Ohio shop had to pay to their customer/unwitting cannibal.

2004 and 2012 were not that long ago, and I can't imagine why the Ohio and Michigan victims did not receive their pound of flesh after receiving an ounce of flesh in their respective meals.

Giphy Images.

That old bitch who sued McDonald's for $3,000,000 in the early 90s for keeping their coffee too hot must be spinning in her fucking luxury grave.

Take a report.


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