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Pat Perez Once Hit Three People In A 4-Hole Stretch And Sent A Guy To The Hospital

The man, the myth, the legend Pat Perez. What a guy. The best. He is a no doubt first ballot HOF guuest on the Fore Play pod. We went almost three hours with him and could've gone another three if we had gotten him another bottle of whiskey. He's a very opinionated guy about topics within his own sport and he's willing to let it fly on a podcast. That makes him a hero and a very rare breed. Not to mention he just has stories on top of stories on top of stories. Like the story about how he completely forgot how to hit a golf ball and started taking out members of the gallery left and right. Bodies dropping all over the place because PP couldn't keep it on the map. Meanwhile his playing partner, a guy named Dustin Johnson, was trying to close out a win amongst a war zone created by Pat. It's stories like that, and Pat's ability to make it funny, that keep Pat coming back. He tells that story and MANY MANY MANY more on today's podcast. Oh and blind golfer named Jeremy Poincenot joined us in the middle of the show and talked shit to Frankie. Really fun show today. Enjoy!