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If You Sliced Your Hand Off Working At A Restaurant Would You Serve It To Customers?

Not sure of a better way to start off Grit Week than with an Arby's employee that accidentally placed his hand in an industrial size meat slicer and served his severed hand skin in a roast beef sandwich. Not because the worker was a deranged psychopath trying to feed himself to people so he can become one with everyone, this was just a person who was afraid they'd get fired from their job for lopping off their hand, so they did what every great menial employee does … don't be a burden. 

How the Arby's kitchen doesn't shut down as blood is spurting all over the roast beef and skin is being thinly sliced into the pile of roast beef for customers? The risk of never financially recovering? We will never know, but nothing is grittier than ignoring a flesh wound to give people The Meats

Glenny Balls sat down with Large and myself to talk the Twisted History of Fast Food on this week's podcast. From regional flops, scumbag business deals, to dismembered human body parts in food, we cover the need to know and dark history of fast food.