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Feel Well Wednesday: Large Was Moved To Tears While Telling The Most Beautiful Parenting Story In Barstool History If Not All Of Human History


You guys know I would never blog anything for clickbait and have made it my personal mission to get expecting Stoolies excited about the journey of parenthood. Okay, neither of those are true considering Click Burglar Clem shows up about as often as a gripe about the two little gremlins that have robbed me of 99% of the things I used to love doing. 

Regardless, I felt like this story had to be heard by anybody that has children, wants to one day have children, or simply has a soul pumping through their body. I always say that kids do jussssssssst enough to make all the stress-filled days, sleepless nights, and life completely devoid of disposable income worth it. Large's proud parenting moment is truly the best feeling you can have as a parent, at least outside of when you are actually making the babies. 

You can listen to the rest of the episode or just skip to when the usual wise-cracking former Wall Street big shot starts blubbering like a baby (the 1:17:00 mark). Regardless of what you do, I just felt like it is something that will make everyone feel good after this last year and a half of online hell, at least before it makes all of us feel like shit for not being as good at parenting as Large. Okay let's be honest, Annie is the rock, the glue, and the motherfucking MVP of that family. But I was just trying to be nice to the big man after I made him look like a giant pussy by putting that picture of him UGLY crying in the thumbnail to this blog.

Also on the pod we:

- Break down neighbor drama with noise complaints about kids outside and people having the audacity to put up flags of Tigger. Yes, Tigger from Winnie The Pooh. I told you this last year and a half has been fucked up.

- Take another trip go to the Content Corner to discuss the new Suicide Squad movie, Kevin Smith's He-Man show on Netflix, and a Guns N Roses concert in 2021. 

- Interview Barstool's newest hires Alex and Kim join the show to discuss how they went from a mother/daughter team making Tik Toks to becoming the newest members of the pirate ship and what stormy waters to avoid at this crazy place.

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