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The New York Mets Have Their Very Own Suicide Squad


On today's We Gotta Believe, KFC and I once again dusted ourselves off  to talk about the unwatchable Mets after the offense decided to score FIVE runs the entire weekend against the Phillies in a goddamn bandbox to drop out of first place and only one game above .500. Bryce Harper added to his MVP candidacy with an MVP sized home run, Cy Young candidate Zack Wheeler continued to shove it up the Mets' ass after Brodie Van Wagenen/the Wilpons let him walk, while the Mets cockteased the everliving shit out of us with back-to-back-to-back home runs in the 9th only to leave the tying run stranded on base.

But the name of the podcast is We Gotta Believe and believing in this team that refused to give up as almost the entire team got hurt before the offense got Thanos snapped shouldn't be that hard to do. Maybe I should say this franchise instead of this team since there has been a mass exodus to Cuncelina by plenty of Mets fans who lost their patience as well as their minds with this offense, which is fine. I am not going to blame anybody who questions their fanhood if not the existence of God after this season of Mets baseball.

However there is a group of us that is going to avoid the C word for the rest of the season since this isn't the same old Mets now that Uncle Stevie at the top of the org chart and that group is to be known as the Suicide Squad of Flushing for the rest of the season. We may not be smart and we may actually be batshit crazy. But you won't find a tougher group of baseball fans on the goddamn planet and as long as Steve Cohen is owner I truly believe anything is possiblllllllle (said in Kevin Garnett's voice).

There is a very loud vocal minority of Mets fans that will tell you nothing has changed from the Wilpon Era. Ignore them as you watch your team with the third highest payroll in baseball that has actually invested in technology, analytics, and other processes to build that glorious infrastructure that gives me a baseball boner just thinking about. Which is why I am not giving up on this team despite them not having a lead since fucking WEDNESDAY despite facing the Marlins on Thursday and the Phillies throwing a bullpen game on Saturday. I am all the way in on what Uncle Stevie is selling. If that means I live and die with this team long after I should've buried their asses, so be it. 

It may be dumb. It will almost definitely be painful. And I fully plan on my head exploding sooner or later. But I am a part of the Suicide Squad of Mets fans that will be going down with the ship this season no matter what happens because despite what all the sad boys on #MetsTwitter say, ya gotta believe.