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Maintaining The Integrity of Mount Rushmore

On today's Pardon My Take there was a series of deceptive moves made by several parties culminating in extreme contention.

You see Hank was on a huge cold streak after losing 5 straight Mt. Rushmores so the rest of the participants threw the Mt. Rushmore so that Hank could get a win. Big Cat, PFT, and Team Jilly all made purposefully trash picks.

(You really think I like Anchovies and Oregano?)

He won by the widest margin of history.

But to add another twist in the story, while all the guys were throwing Mt. Rushmore, Hank actually had Liam (@Liamfromthe508 on Twitter and Instagram) make all of his Mt. Rushmore picks for him.

So actually Hank's picks did not technically win the Mt. Rushmore that was thrown for Hank.

The real concern is that we have several parties undermining the integrity of the sport of Mt. Rushmore. 

There are many rumors that this is not Hank's first time getting Liam to "Ghostwrite" his picks.

At the end of the day, we will see how this impacts Mt. Rushmore for the rest of the season.

But for now, we all question the due process of the entire spectacle.

Oh and if petty drama isn't your thing we also have keen insight into the Olympics, Mets Drama, did OJ really do it?, and Guy Fieri in an electric interview. 

This is a huge America episode looking back at it.