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What Do You Do When You're On A Flight And Your Team Trades For Max Scherzer? Party And Celebrate In The Air Of Course, That's What Cody Bellinger Did.

One of the biggest names that got moved at the deadline was future Hall Of Famer, Max Scherzer. Everyone knew he was going to be moved by no one knew where. Yankees? Padres? Dodgers? Well it turns out that a few days before the deadline some Dodgers players got a little tip that Scherzer may be coming to LA to wear that Dodger blue. Cody Bellinger joined Dallas and Jared on episode 265 and lets them know how the Scherzer trade went down from his point of view. And what do you do when you're flying home across the country and you find out your team just added a future Hall Of Famer and 3-time Cy Young Award winner? You party and celebrate 30,000 feet in the air, of course. 

Cody: "It was like, oh now we have the missing pieces. You know what I mean? I mean I knew a few days before it was a possibility and we were like "that would be ridiculous." So I was in the know a little bit where I was like this could definitely, possibly happen. I think we were flying back home when the news broke so, we were just on the plane celebrating and it was a cool time."

Now I'm sure Cody and the boys weren't popping champagne but they plugged a hole they had in a rotation with arguably the best pitcher of our generation, I think that would get anyone jacked up. Cody joined the pod to talk about his challenging 2021 season and the rough start for him, how insanely good the NL West is, and what it's like adding guys like Scherzer and Trea Turner to your team. The Mets and Red Sox are collapsing SO DAMN HARD and the Phillies are hot, hot, hot. That NL East looks a lot different than it did at this time last week. Jared lets it all hang out when talking about the Sox collapse, you'll want to hear that one. And somehow the Reds are hot and relevant on the back of Joey Votto. Oakland had a solid weekend until they got the news of Ramon Laureano getting popped for PEDs, see ya in 80 games. Dallas gives us an emotional talk about that. A fully packed episode for you all to kick off your week.

Reminder that all of your Starting 9 needs are available in video form on the Youtube Page. So if you want to see the look in Dallas' eyes when talking about Laureano getting popped, you can. If you want to see Jared get upset at his Red Sox being not so great in the second half, you can do that as well. Give the videos a thumbs up and subscribe as well!