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Our Top 5 Most Ridiculous but Amazing Moments From Outerbanks Season 2

******SPOILERS AHEAD******

This week Ria and I compared our favorite ridiculous but amazing moments from Outerbanks season 2. Honestly, there’s so many this list could really go on forever but this is what we narrowed it down to.

The comments are FULL of other moments because obviously we couldn’t fit it all. My personal favorite is John B getting destroyed by an alligator and just wrapping it up and being totally fine. That’s what makes this show tick. Your heart is PUMPING for ten whole episodes because you get so damn invested. When you look back and think about everything that happened you can’t help but chuckle. It’s an absolute masterpiece of a show.

For our FULL season 2 recap listen to today’s Chicks in the Office here: