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Why Was The Yankees Rotation So Good in '98? David Wells and David Cone Would Get Hammered The Night Before Their Starts As Good Luck And Then Pitch Lights Out

Not many cats in the game of baseball quite like David "Boomer" Wells. Dude was a legend from the jump and a large part of that was because he didn't give a fuck what you thought or had to say. He walked to the beat of his own drum and figured it out along the way. Not sure a story better sums him up than the one below about the 98 team. Cone and Wells got in a groove with pitching and it all started after a night of drinking of course on the west coast. The two got so hot they added getting bundled the night before a start as part of the routine. Only one problem...

The fact that they had to actually go up to Torre and tell them they couldn't go back to back because no one was getting any sleep is all time. Imagine that now? True legends. They don't make 'em like they used to. Cone went 20-7 that year with a 3.55 while Wells 18-4 with a 3.49. Guys were shoving while dealing with the worst hangovers imaginable. Of course that's the same year of Boomer's famous perfect game where he was deathly hungover. What a year, what a team. These guys were truly invincible. 

Boomer also told the story about the time he tried to kick the shit out of George Steinbrenner. Yes, the owner of the Yankees George Steinbrenner. Guy didn't care who you were. 

Full video here of their fight. 

Wells obviously hopped on the pod today and told some incredible stories. Dude's just the best and it was great to actually talk to him finally. Give the pod a listen. It's about 36 minutes into the show. 

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