Is Barstool Sports A Cult?

Hmmmm. Is Barstool a cult? We certainly aren't religious. Do we have "misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing?" No way. It's totally normal to spend almost all of your free time as well as "working hours" thinking about work, doing work, or spending time with coworkers. Doesn't everyone else do that too?

Lmao NO! You know how much time I've spent with these fucking people since June 1st? NONSTOP. It's been NONSTOP Barstool 24/7. My friends outside of the company are calling the police to check on my whereabouts! They think I'm dead! (Which, actually, they would know I wasn't dead if they were watching my fucking content? but whatever.) Do I think it's a cult? No, I don't. I think it's the Bermuda Triangle. I think it's like being in a casino where the air pumps in and keeps you up all night. You want to leave, you know you have to go home and close your eyes and maybe eat a sandwich or clean your bathroom or call your parents, but there's so much to do every second that you can put off "living your life" as long as you want. It's the perfect escape. 

Nonetheless, we took a "are you in a cult" quiz on this week's episode of Because We Got High HAHA YES I GOT YOUR ASSES AGAIN!!! Oh man you guys are so bad at this. I'm promoting the podcast! Again!! You fell for it!!!! This week we're talking about Cults, and the quiz all but told us we're about 75% in the middle of some cult-activities. I'm cool with 75% of my brain belonging to Dave Portnoy. I'll save the other 25% for song lyrics and The Bachelor.

We get into all groups - actual cults like the Manson Family and NXIVM, greek life, sports teams and internet stans. There are some bizarroworld people out there. 

Youtube version of the pod goes live at 7, but in the meantime, give it a listen.