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If MLB Had A Brain It Would Change The Draft Signing Process Because Of What The Mets Pulled With Kumar Rocker

You're well aware of the debacle that happened between #10 overall pick Kumar Rocker and the Mets now. It's as much a failure by the league as it is the Mets. Rocker basically had two choices after it was announced the Mets wouldn't be signing the pitcher out of Vandy. Go back to college or start working out and get ready for next season. He chose the latter and will be focusing on the 2022 draft and honestly it's fucked up. The teams hold all the power over these guys and can really screw them out of a job. It's a shitty situation that MLB is putting these draft hopefuls in when stuff like this happens. Teams should not be able to play god like this with a player that they didn't even sign. Dallas and Jared hit this right on the head. This debacle has opened a lot of people’s eyes and it’s pretty clear something has to be done about it. It’s a pretty insane loophole.

Dallas: "So after all of this has transpired, the Mets spent 0 money on Rocker, missed out on their 11th pick (10th pick) this year, but next year will receive an 11th pick. No harm, no foul. The Mets are in no worse position aside from being light their first draft pick."

Jared: "And now Kumar Rocker can't work."

The guys then dive into Steven Cohen's not so bright tweet summarizing what happened

Jared: "He never should have equated a human being to an investment that he can profit off of."

Dallas: "He's telling everyone "you see this old ass antiquated rule that makes no sense and completely fucks the player in this situation? Well I'm gonna go ahead and take advantage of that. That's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna use that. Anybody mad about it? Why you mad about it? It's a rule! It's on the rulebooks! You don't get to be mad about the rule, it's on the rulebooks!"

The guys are back from the cornfield in episode 263 and boy oh boy do they have stories to tell from the Barstool Barn Burner. Not only will they let you know about Cohen, the Mets, and Rocker. But they're going to catch you up on Team USA losing in extras to Japan in the Olympics, the debut of all 3 of the big Cubs who got traded, Joey Votto's insane home run streak, and much more. 

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