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This Weekend In Metsland: Kumar Rocker Doesn't Sign, Javy Baez Does Javy Baez Things, And Jacob deGrom May Not Be Back Until September If At All. Good Times!


Kumar Rocker doesn't get signed. Jacob deGrom has a setback that delays his return until September. The Mets lose the series to the Reds. OUR PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF. Once again, Metsland has devolved into Panic Citi after an extremely Metsy weekend but Kevin Francis Clancy of all people is trying to keep everyone calm as we try to switch our brains from being held hostages by the Wilpons to hanging in the Cohen luxury box of life. However not all things are bad since Javy Baez already went JAVYYYYY BAEZZZZZZ at the plate as well as the field and the Mets are, you guessed it, STILL 4 games up in the National League East! 

On today's pod:

- We discuss the entire Kumar Rocker fiasco while trying to pin blame on people despite not truly knowing what Kumar's physical went, which I'm starting to believe looked like this:

- Debate if the big C word should be dropped if more bad news is announced for Jacob deGrom

- Try to figure out if Javy Baez was a better fit for the Mets than Kris Bryant

- Recap the Reds series and give one last tip of the cap to that trickster Jesse Winker for being cool as hell

- Wonder why people are still treating the Mets as if they are owned by the Wilpons instead of a billionaire with a big wallet and bigger balls

- Attempt to get Mets fans to relax (at least for now) about their team that has been in first place for 86 straight days and hopefully many more

I don't know what's in store for the Mets tonight let alone the rest of the season. But make sure to follow the We Gotta Believe Instagram for live reactions to tonight's game from KFC and I.