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People Are Blacking Out On Wine And Champagne Over Liquor, Allegedly

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Dramatic headlines in recent weeks declaring liquor shortages in places like Vermont, North Carolina, Michigan and elsewhere may have set some drinkers on edge. While such dire proclamations aren't entirely inaccurate — some well-known bottles are temporarily absent from bar and liquor store shelves in some states — those craving a cocktail need not panic because there are still plenty of good spirits to please even the pickiest palates. 

But for die-hard fans of particular brands, finding a new favorite dram could mean purchasing something different while accepting their favorite champagne, tequila or cognac may be unavailable for a while.

Champagne, wine, cognac and tequila are in TROUBLE! Don't be fooled by this article saying "it'll be fine." I know for a fact that my friends and I have consumed almost all of the wine/champagne/prosecco/tequila in the country.  Imagine if I started realizing there were other people on this earth besides me?? I'm hitting the panic button.

We talk about our brains and blackouts on this week's episode of Because We Got High. What's your favorite kind of liquor to black out to? How is it affecting our brains? Are we all just going to turn into mush by the time we're old? Only time will tell.

The YouTube version will be live at 7pm, it's way more fun to watch.