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Russell Westbrook To The Lakers? Say Bye Bye Bradley Beal

Everyone knows that Bradley Beal is maybe possibly kinda going to be on the move. Just like the Dame saga, none of this is coming directly from Beal himself. In fact, most reports say that he loves Washington and wants to retire a Wizard.

But there is no question that Beal is tired of losing. And it’s been boiling over since the 4th game of the last season.

And if this team gets worse? Beal is going to politely, respectfully, ask to go to greener pastures. 

The recent reports are that the Lakers are closer to a deal with Russell Westbrook which deserves its own soliloquy about how it makes zero sense for that team, but if the reports are true? And Bradley Beal ends up with Kyle Kuzma, Talen Horton Tucker and Kentavious Caldwell Pope? 

I think that’s the nail in the coffin. Bradley Beal will have to play with a bunch of 6’7 wings who think they are much better than they are and back to the bottom of the east they would go. 

There’s only so much a man can take. Even loyal men have limits. We’re seeing that play out in Portland with Dame. I put out a hypothetical about magically snapping your fingers and putting Devin Booker on the Blazers in place of CJ. Does anyone think that makes them a championship team? 

There is no reasonable scenario that will make the Wizards a championship team even WITH Russell Westbrook. Without him? 

See ya. They say if you love something, set it free. It’s time for the Wizards to send Brad where he can be free to get buckets and not play defense and at least have a semblance of hope for the future. It appears the rest of the NBA media is starting to come to that conclusion as well. 

Free him. 

We talk about this along with the Team USA's disappointing loss to France and how possible it is that the US won't even medal given how much Luka is balling out for Slovenia. Please subscribe to Apple and Spotify and give it a watch on Youtube as well.