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We Drafted "Carnival Shit" This Week On The Snake Draft And It Was Absolutely Hilarious

It's way too early in the week to be blogging spoilers so have no worries fellas. I come in peace with the utmost/upmost respect for the snake draft crowd. Even if Eddie keeps changing them on a whim, I'll do my best to play by the rules. 

This week's special because we sink into carnival season deep into July with a heavy emphasis on nostalgia. It's far less about the scene now and much more about the teenage years. No disrespect to the Windy City Smokeouts of the world but we really honed in on the low budget summer festival in your local church parking lot. There's just way more emotional meat on that bone to chew. 

Even so, it's pretty impressive for the carnival industry as a whole that a couple guys from Chicago would have basically the same memories and experiences as someone from the east coast. I feel like we were all on the same page with atmosphere and games and social norms. Shoutout to America for being so fucking awesome. We figured out a way to standardize the social scene in your awkward phase and that's a powerful thing. Keep that in mind next time you're trying to make small talk with an attractive stranger: 

Do you know why they chain the BB guns to the red star shootout game? 

It's a great episode this week. I'm glad to be back in the middle of the coliseum fighting for glory. Even if the poll results are now forever compromised, I have a lot of pride in my starting 5. End of the day that's all we can control. 

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