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How Hard Is Pole Vaulting?

Today on PMT we did a Mount Rushmore of Olympic Sports we think we could master

Hank decided that pole vaulting would be a sport he could master and medal in. 

I have decided to find a collection of both pole vault fails and best jumps so we can see how hard this sport actually is.

This guy makes pole vault look extremely effortless as he does a 20ish foot pole jump to set a world record.

This 20-year-old is from Louisiana but represents Sweden in the Olympics. 

Here is a 10-year progression of him pole vaulting since he was 6 years old. 

This stuff takes a lot of skill and effort so let me show you what Pole vaulting looks like for mortals. 

Someone has definitely been impaled at some point in this sports huge history, officially started in the 16th century, there is also evidence it was done in Ancient Greece.

We have an amazing show today with special guest NBA Champion Pat Connaughton as well as an amazing Mount Rushmore, Olympics, Aaron Rodgers, and more.