Yankees Suffer Another Epic "Worst Loss of the Year" as Boone and the Bullpen Ruin Everything Again in Fenway

Winslow Townson. Getty Images.

Red Sox 5 Yankees 4

Domingo German and the Yankees held the Red Sox without a hit going into the 8th inning on Sunday. The Yankees had a 4-0 lead entering the bottom of the frame in prime position to get a split and get the fuck out of Boston. Instead of walking away with some real positivity, they lose the series thanks to another epic meltdown from the pen. You think it can't get worse and then it does. It's about the 7th or 8th time this year a Yankee fan has said to themselves "that's the worst loss of the year" and yet it really isn't surprising at all. You could see how that one was going to end once the Sox strung two hits together.  

The moment the Red Sox scored a run I got that feeling in my chest that I've had all season long. Know it too well by now. All of the momentum was gone and it was only a matter of time before the Sox would score enough runs to win the game. This year has been one straight from the devil's creation and I'm impressed with his work. 

Domingo German started the 8th inning with a chance at throwing a no hitter in Boston. Would he have been allowed to actually get the 27th out with his pitch count? Probably not, but he went out there to start the frame, as he should have. A lead off double out of the reach of Greg Allen ended German's outing. A masterful 7 inning, 1 hit, 1 run, 10 strikeout performance that put the Yankees in the driver's seat for the win. Was it enough? Of course not, didn't you read before that this season was crafted by the devil himself? Jonathan Loaisiga entered and served up three straight hits. 4-2, 1st and 2nd nobody out. If you've been watching all year you knew what was gonna happen next. 

Boone had Britton warming up in the pen, Britton being a ground ball pitcher who doesn't miss many bats. Instead of bringing him in that moment, Boone waited one more hitter for no reason really at all aside from incompetency. Kiké Hernandez proceeded to lace a double to left, scoring one and setting up Boston with 2nd and 3rd nobody out trailing 4-3. NOW Boone brings in Britton, a ground ball pitcher, in a spot where he needs strikeouts. Does Boone bring the infield in? Of course not, that would make too much sense. Britton gets his ground ball, but with the infield playing back the run came home to score with ease. Tie game. Now the go ahead runner is at 3rd with 1 out. Seemed pretty obvious to walk Xander and set up the double play for the left handed hitting Devers. Nope, pitch to Xander who lifted a fly ball deep enough to right to score the go ahead run. Devers would ground out to first, naturally. 

Is it all Boone's fault? No, Loaisiga needs to get outs. Same with Chad Green on Thursday, but both games where the Yankees had multiple run leads late were poorly mishandled by Boone no doubt. No Cessa for the 9th on Thursday after a 5 pitch 8th, and then Kriske for the 10th. I don't care who has pitched how much lately, you can't throw out Brooks Kriske in the 10th trying to save a must win game in Fenway. Loaisiga had no business going another batter in the 8th on Sunday. The plan after that with Britton was atrocious. Yankees needed a split. Thursday and Sunday should have been wins. Saturday still doesn't make sense to me how they won so realistically that should have been a loss. Instead after all that they walk away losers of 3 of 4. Dead in the AL East race and losing ground in the wild card. Soon enough that'll  be dead too. Six days until the trade deadline where I truly don't know what Cashman does. If you win on Sunday sure do whatever, go nuts, but after that loss how can you really be a buyer in the market? They're not selling, even though they should in some capacity, but how can you go out right now and be buyers for 2021? If they make a deal it's with 2022 in mind for guys with team control. That's the only way I see it. 

There have been four soul crushing losses in July. Two verses Boston, Houston, and the Mets. Win those and it's a 14-4 month, but instead it's 10-8. Take it even further back and there's the Angels collapse, that Twins loss, and the one to the Tigers. Seven just cannot happen losses. Win 3 of those and you're 10 over .500 right now with a completely different mindset. Instead it's just fucking sadness. Another weekend ruined by this godforsaken team. 

At least Boone stays positive right guys!??


Genuinely don't know what he's talking about. Dealt with it this series and bounced back? You lost 3 of 4. The same shit has happened all season long. 

New pod is out to drink our tears.