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Kris Bryant Sits Down With Barstool Chicago One More Time (Full Interview)

- We taped the interview a little before the All Star break. That should explain stuff. 

- I am actually getting kind of sick of complaining about how KB is leaving unceremoniously. Everyone knows this is an extremely awkward situation for so many players. It's all over the place. So in some sense it was refreshing to put all the negativity aside and just shoot the shit with KB. If it makes me a shitty journalist for not needling about his future - fine. I'm not a journalist. I'm a Cubs fan. Everyone else can bust his balls. I sincerely just want to know how he feels about the color baby blue and if he wears a cup in the outfield vs 3rd base. 

- On that note, I was hoping he'd be annoyed by the jog out to right field vs. playing 3rd at Wrigley. People say KB is cookie cutter and then you hear him talk about how he did the math on how many extra miles he has to run playing right field and you realize there's so much more going on. The "boring" label is an all time public misstep. 

- This is KB's 3rd time on the show which is the most appearances all time. And not to get competitive, but there's a lot of chatter about Rick Hahn being close to the program. I haven't seen him in over two years. Again not picking a fight just saying that KB has run laps around the White Sox front office with respect to building the relationship. Another example of how underrated and under the radar this guy flies. 

- My overwhelming sense after talking to him was that he sincerely wants to be in Chicago. This isn't a guy thinking about the offseason free agent market. He's not putting a wish list together of trade destinations or looking to grow his personal enterprise. He legitimately just wants to play good hard competitive baseball at the number he's owed. I think it's pretty simple to agree that he's treating MLB just like all the owners and administrators: exactly like a business. And I don't understand why you'd take less than what you're owed. What's unfair is thinking he should take a discount just because you want him to take a discount. That's un-American. Get every nickel you're owed. 

- It was actually amazing watching him go through this skills course up close. Even as a lifelong baseball guy I still found myself amazed with the ease and fluidity of his arm strength. The sound of his bat. How sweet he looks, period. 

- Idk where we go from here. I asked for a 10-game win streak and we didn't get it. Also doesn't appear to be in our cards down the road so my hunch is this is wrapping up quickly. On that note, I'm really lucky he spent some time with us given everything going on. The chips still have to fall but when they do, I'll need serious closure. It's going to be a process but this was a big step in that direction. The man really is all class. 

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