FULL VIDEO EPISODE: The Bucks Are NBA Champs, Collin Morikawa Joins The Show + Bezos & Guys on Chicks

The Milwaukee Bucks are NBA Champs. Giannis has an all time legendary performance and we break down Game 6. Chris Paul comes up short again and the Bucks are a super likeable champion (00:03:04 - 00:24:21). Hot Seat Cool Throne including Jeff Bezos taking his cock rocket to space (00:24:21 - 00:52:07). Open Champion Collin Morikawa joins the show to talk about his second major victory Sunday, the guy who put a fart machine at the 18th tee box, and taking the trophy home on Commercial (00:52:07 - 01:17:56). We finish with guys on chicks and billy's recap.