I really liked Space Jam *No Spoilers*

Space Jam was pretty good. All things considered, I was told that it was going to be terrible. I heard things like "Its too long" or "Lebron is a terrible actor". The thing is those are supposed to be the good parts that you laugh at. You see if you look at the movie from a critical lens in the first place you aren't going to enjoy it anyway. If you saw the original Space Jam and put it under the microscope a lot of people are putting the new Space Jam under you would have absolutely hated it. 

Like the original Space Jam wasn't some sort of Oscar-winning feature-length film. It honestly probably had more moments that could have been construed as "Cringeworthy" or the exact stuff we shit on Lebron for. The only decent video that sort of showed a blooper reel of sorts was a Lola Bunny compilation which says a lot about what people value on the internet.

 If you watch some of this stuff you can see that the original had even more scenes of bad acting or a "bad" storyline. I don't know why everyone's complaining so much.

To be honest the best movie I have seen in the past year was Godzilla Vs. Kong and that also got terrible reviews. I really don't think movie critics know what they are talking about anymore. 

Everyone lighten up, laugh when Lebron is bad at acting and try to feel like a kid again. 

Also, we have a jam-packed show talking NBA, PMT bump, and much, much more.