You Want Some MLB Bold Predictions For The Second Half? The Cubs Unload EVERYONE, The Jays Make The Playoffs, And The Orioles Will Win 60 Games

The second half of the MLB season is upon us and now we all shift our attention to the trade deadline, players possibly on the move, and the playoff push. This is when the hot takes and bold predictions really start to ramp up. Jared simply asked Dallas for a bold prediction....but Mr. Braden had a little trouble with picking one so Jared rattled off a few of his own. 

Jared: "One bold prediction for the American League and one bold prediction for the National League."

Dallas: " We will see somebody that was drafted in this years draft this year."

Jared: "I don't think thats bold...."

Dallas: " The Oakland A's go get themselves a big slugger." 

Dallas proceeds to shake his head: " I don't like this."

Jared: " Cuz you don't have the balls. You don't have the balls to say something like the Cubs, full blown fire sale trade Rizzo, Bryant, and Baez."

Dallas: "The Colorado Rockies....."

Jared: " Ohhhhh"

Dallas: "Do not...."

Jared: " Ohhhhhhh"

Dallas: "Trade Trevor Story"

Jared: " The Blue Jays get hot in the second half and get that second Wild Card spot."

Dallas: "The Baltimore Orioles get to 60 wins. O's win 60 we're poppin bottles!"

Jared: " Just get 60"

If the Orioles win 60 games I will make sure Dallas flies out here and we will pop bottles, that is a fact. The guys recap the All Star game, their time in Denver, Jared's nightmare of a flight home from Denver, is it Ohtani and Vlad Jr vs the field in the MVP race, how the All Star game has changed and if they need to automatically add the biggest and brightest stars to the game, some closing thoughts on the Home Run Derby, and their predictions and takes for the second half of the season. This is where we see teams start to pull away and prepare for the playoffs, which teams will sink and which will rise to the occasion and snag a playoff spot? Listen on to find out! Episode 258 coming at ya.

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