Hailey Bieber Clears Up Rumors That She and Justin Were Publicly Fighting Last Weekend

Last weekend Vegas was jam packed with celebrities. The McGregor fight plus the opening of Delilah Vegas brought in all the stars. Justin Bieber performed at the Delilah opening and afterwards this video came out and had everyone thinking Justin was screaming at Hailey.

Verryyyy hard to know a full story from a video that short. Does Justin look hyped up? Yes. Do we know he was yelling AT Hailey? Absolutely not. Fans who witnessed the event tweeted that he was all hyped up after performing. It's also possible he was angry with something else? You really never know.

However, Hailey posted this on her instagram story this week clearing it all up.

Hailey has always been quick to defend Justin, she has really always been a ride or die for him. 

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