'Joanne From Kentucky' Blasts Big Cat And PFT Commenter During Their Hosting Duties On Kentucky Sports Radio

On today's Pardon My Take... KENTUCKY SPORTS RADIO! Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter fill in for Matt Jones one day every year, and yesterday happened to be that day. Out of the two hour show, the best callers get re-aired on PMT, and that's what we are highlighting today. The one who stole the spotlight? Joanne from Kentucky. She is NOT happy with Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter, and the Wildcat fan did not hold anything back when calling into the show. Take a look:

Joanne: I don't know who you all are, don't know where you come from, but I hope I never hear from you again.

Mr. Cat: Wait! Why?!

Mr. Commenter: Joanne, let's be polite to each other.

Joanne: You are the worst two that's ever been on KSR, all you have done is put Kentucky down. 

Mr. Commenter: That's not true, Joanne.

Joanne: Go back where you come from!

Mr. Commenter: I was born in Kentucky, Joanne. you want me to come closer to you?

Joanne: But why are you putting us down, though? We can't make peanut butter, we can't do anything. 

Mr. Cat: Joanne, did you not hear me say...

Joanne: Put the basketball team down, that's the worst thing in the world you could do!

Mr. Commenter: No, we said Rick Pitino's a great coach. 


Mr. Cat: Yeah, I agree with you there. Did you not hear me say that I love Keeneland? 

Joanne: I don't care who you love in Kentucky, you have put the University of Kentucky down, you have put the basketball program down, and everything else in Kentucky. So, you know, go back where you come from. Thank you.

Mr. Commenter: The University of Kentucky is a great basketball school, until 2015.

Mr. Cat: Joanne, are you still there? 

Joanne: *hangs up*

Shannon (KSR producer): She just dropped the mic.

Mr. Cat: I like that, Joanne's got some spice to her. Man, that was good, Joanne. 

Mr. Commenter: She came off the bat hot, too.

Joanne has just inserted herself into the Kentucky Sports Radio caller hall of fame. I think it is safe to say that she is not an Award Winning Listener, but she is no doubt an Award Winning Caller. What a legendary performance.