Jake Marsh Proves The Body Craves Contact

Today Jake Marsh, The best in the office. Took a serious L. 

Jake is on a business trip down south interviewing College basketball figures for his podcast The Bench Mob. Jake put on his Journo best-collared shirts and went down to Arkansas to see coach Musselman and that is when disaster struck.

Many were extremely distraught with second-hand embarrassment after witnessing what occurred. 

First, we have the unyielding invasion of personal space by Jake, which is then countered by Jake bringing in a late handshake.

Followed by the awkward embrace that followed. 

After this, Jake proceeded to walk in the wrong direction, towards the back of the equipment storage where there is no exit. 

Jake found retribution in a second try.

Legend has it, that the Best in The Office's powers might not have the ability to leave the office. Something humanity and science will never understand. Meanwhile, Rico is still pilfering and pillaging as much merch as he can while down south. 

Embarrassing things seem to follow former PMT interns whenever on work outings. 

This discussed and more on today's Pardon My Take, a baseball dedicated episode with interviews with Christian Yelich, home run derby pitcher and coach Dave Jauss, segments, and more. Must Listen.