I Still Don't Understand How The Yankees Lost That Game Yesterday

Eric Christian Smith. Shutterstock Images.

It's the day after and I'm still sitting here completely stupefied as to how the Yankees didn't sweep the Astros. MLB teams are 493-2 this year when entering the 9th inning with a 4+ run lead, the Yankees have both of the losses. It's their third loss in 12 days where the opposing team scored 6+ runs in the final inning. It's all just a fucking nightmare that a Yankee hater couldn't script in their head if they tried.  


How Boone allowed Domingo German to start the 9th inning is asinine to me. I could see the logic if the Yankees had a stretch coming up with zero off days and you're trying to limit using arms, but the All Star Break was literally the NEXT DAY. Instead of having Chad Green come in mid-inning, have him start the 9th. Use anyone but Domingo German. I didn't trust that dude pitching the 7th never mind the 9th. So fucking stupid to push him for 3 innings when there was no reason to whatsoever. Sure, does Chad need to get those 3 outs? Yes, but give him a clean inning and the Yanks win that game, sweep the series, and are feeling like a whole different team right now. Instead they're trying to pick up the pieces of maybe the worst loss in franchise history in the regular season. 

Now all the momentum from Friday and Cole's unreal start is gone. You gotta stew on that loss for days until the Red Sox come to town on Thursday. Sadness. This season is just straight up pain. 

New podcast is out if you wanna drink our tears.