How Many People Had To Say No Before They Put Salvador Pérez In The Home Run Derby?

I've written about the Home Run Derby a bunch already, but the guys brought it back up in the newest Starting 9 Episode and bring up a great point. Why is Salvador Pérez is the Home Run Derby? Don't get me wrong, he's a great player, awesome catcher, even borderline getting to that fringe HOF type player. That's a conversation for another day though. He's got 20 home runs which is tied for 9th in the AL, but lets be real. He's not a sexy name, he's not a sexy pick for the derby. No catchers really are, and it's no offense to Sal, he's a hell of a player. I just think theres a few bigger names that we would have liked to see hit bombs in Denver, nice to see Dallas and Jared agree with me. 

Dallas: "We're going to have a lot of fun watching this Jared, and that is the home run derby."

Jared: Salvador Pérez, which I'm not sure why he's there. How many fucking guys said no before they got to Salvador Pérez on the list?"

Dallas: "But maybe in Colorado..."

Jared: "No, stop. If you've already done it I'm excusing you. And that goes for you Aaron Judge. Schwarber is hurt, Tatís said no. BAEZ! I'd like to see in there. Acuña, did he say no? Adolis García?!?!? Adam Duvall?!?!"

Dallas: "Pump the....whoa, whoa, whoa.....pump the brakes there with Adam Duvall!"

Jared still going: "Nelson Cruz?! Jared Walsh?"

Dallas: "I'd be here for Walshy!"

Jared: "Brandon Crawford? Rhys Hoskins?"

Dallas: "Absolutely not. Rhys Hoskins yes, Brandon!"

Jared: "Eduardo Escobar?"

Dallas: "NO!"

Jared: "BRYCE HARPER?!?!"

Dallas: "YES!"

Jared getting louder: " YORDAN ÁLVAREZ!?!?!?!"

Dallas: "Give me more of that!"

Jared: "Eugenio Suárez? Nick Castellanos? Hunter Renfroe, you shitting me? Bo Bichette? Willson Contreras?"

Episode 256 has all your ASG and Derby needs. It's exactly what you need for the All-Star break. The guys give your their thoughts on Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve and others sitting out or skipping the events, the Home Run Derby field, some thoughts on the first half MVP, Cy Young, and some other surprises, notable injuries from this past week as well. If you're going to Denver for the game make sure you give this a listen on the flight so you know what to look out for during the events. 

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