Frankie Reveals Who He Thinks Has The Fattest Ass On The PGA Tour

Now here's a golf podcast with hard-hitting analysis. You wanna know who has the fattest ass on the PGA Tour? Then you have come to the right place for those kind of answers. The answer to that question, at least by the estimation of our very own Frankie Borrelli, is Daniel Berger and I gotta say I agree with him. We've seen just about every player you can see going to these tournament and none of them have made us stop and say, "What is going on with that guy's ass? It's MASSIVE" except Berger. Berger literally stopped us in our tracks when we spotted him at Kiawah. Again, if you're looking for a golf podcast that breaks down the swing mechanics of a player, you're outta luck. If you're looking for a golf podcast that determines who has the nicest ass on Tour, you're in the right spot. Shout out to Mr. Cakes, Daniel Berger.

Also, it's John Deere Classic week! Biggest week of the year for the Tour. The 5th Major as many people call it these days. Huge event in the Midwest and in the world really. Great event, great golf course, great field. We talk all about the JDC and its prestige, Daniel Berger's rear end, Phil's weird week with the media in Detroit, what it means that Bryson skipped his media obligations at the Rocket Mortgage Classic and a ton more. Enjoy!