Ready To Roll: Stu Feiner the American Dream

Noah K Murray. Shutterstock Images.

Today on Pardon My Take we welcome back reoccurring guest Stu Feiner. 

For those who do not know, Stu Feiner is a legend, you cannot tell the story of sports, gambling, or even America as a whole without including Stu. 

You would need a multi-volume autobiography to give a full recount of Stu's life or even scratch the surface to describe this man. I can only do so much in a blog and recommend you listen to today's episode to hear it straight from the man, the myth, and the legend. This was Stu over July 4th. 

Stu "The Source" Feiner was the world premiere handicapper at a time where no one had the balls to put their picks on the line. The movie "Two For the Money" was basically based on Stu's life with the main character Walter Abrams being based on Stu. 

Stu was the main fixture of the TV show "Sports Advisors" which was a pick'em show the first of its kind. Stu has been as electric as he has today as he was in the '80s.

I really can't do this man the service of recounting his legend in a blog. You can hear it from the man himself on the podcast. It would pretty surprising if you were reading this and didn't already know anything about Stu. 

Today's episode is a must-listen and Stu isn't even the only amazing interview on the show, Ja Morant joins with NBA finals talk, July 4th weekend recount, and more.