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Ah To Be Young And Sexually Stupid

In honor of America's birthday, we remember Jim and his sexual harassment of the classic apple pie. No, not because I'm here to shame him and talk about what an idiot he is, but because Jim is all of us; at some point or another we have all had sexual encounters that have haunted us for years to come. Maybe it didn't happen with a fruit-filled pastry (although to Jim's credit, pie does go better with [ice] cream), but they definitely happen, and many of them stem from an innocent ignorance that comes with youth. 

Of course, if you're reading this and are of a younger generation, it's quite possible the internet has blocked embarrassing coming-of-age sex stories from your future arsenal, and for that I am deeply sad and maybe just the tiniest bit jealous. But only the tiniest bit, because one day in the future you will want to talk to your co-worker on a national platform about those embarrassing stories and you will have nothing to contribute because you were much cooler and wiser (and smoother and quieter) than Kayce I were when we first got in the game.  

We're shamelessly (eh) talking bush, queefs, and everything in between on today's Loud & Complicit, and it gets... real.