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Kyle Schwarber Can't Stop Hitting Home Runs And Is Completely Unjinxable

There is no one hotter on planet earth than Kyle Schwarber. He was left for dead by the Cubs and now he's hitting a home run every 13 minutes, it's insane. He's turning into Barry Bonds before our very eyes. He joined Jared and Dallas earlier on Tuesday for an interview and guess what he did that night, hit another home run. His 25 homers are now tied with Fernando Tatis Jr. for the most in the NL, what a bounce back year for Schwarbs. Last night's blast was his 12th in the last 10 games, second on the first pitch of the game, and his 16 homers in an 18-game stretch tied Bonds in 2001 and Sosa in 1998. Historic things being done in DC off the bat of the big lefty, Thicky Henderson is the nickname I've heard for Schwarber since he's a leadoff guy. He's scorching hot right now and no one wants to really talk to him, you don't want to be that guy that messes with his mojo and breaks the hot spell, so naturally Jared and Dallas stayed away from the hard hitting questions and decided to toss him some softballs to ease his mind. 

Jared: "Alright, we are here with not even arguably, factually the hottest hitter on planet earth, Kyle Schwarber. Dallas wanted to cancel the interview *Dallas smiling and nodding intensely* because he was like "I don't want to like jinx anything, I don't even want to talk about it. So what's your favorite color?

Kyle Schwarber: "Uhhh, favorite color would be orange."

There you have it! You don't get that insight at other baseball podcasts, hard hitting stuff only here with Starting 9. But in all seriousness, it's a good interview with one of the hottest hitters we've ever seen doing stuff at a record breaking pace. Make sure you get this listened to before next week when he may be crushing balls in the derby. Dallas breaks down the entire Hector Santiago situation and why it sounds like MLB may have jumped the gun on his ejection and suspension, the finalists for the All Star game are reviewed, and some notable injury updates are given including the bad news about Mike Soroka and his re-ruptured Achilles. Dallas also tells a story that will make you wonder how his old teammate didn't murder him in cold blood, may want to listen to that one. 

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