Joc Pederson Should Be Banned From Baseball For Life For Stealing Edwin Diaz's Entrance Music


So this tweet from our guy Dante The Don went up last week, which set off the Cease & Desist alarms in my house usually reserved for the latest Barstool t-shirt. I am used to the usual tomfoolery that comes out of the Second City with every Dog Walk draft graphic, especially considering White Sox Dave is in Double Jeopardy right now.

But I didn't realize the good people of Chitown had devolved into outright theivery. You could tell me it was a simple coincidence that Joc Pederson happened to stumble upon an absolute banger of a song if he was in the American League and didn't know that Narco became the song of the 2021 Mets if not all of 2021 after it turned EdWIN Diaz back into the dominant closer he was back in 2018 that Brodie sold the farm for while also handcuffing the Mets with Robinson Cano's contract for half a decade.

HOWEVAH a week before Joc chose Narco as his new song, he was at Citi Field to hear the trumpets up close and personal.

Not only that, but Joc got to watch Eddie Trumpets do this to his team after being serenaded into the game by that beautiful melody.

It's bad enough stealing a fellow baseball player's entrance song, but stealing it after he shoved a baseball down your team's throat, right through the heart of your lineup, and directly out your ass is an assault on the soul the sport itself. Yes I realize this makes me sound like one of those ancient baseball dinosaur writers clutching his pearls while not voting Barry Bonds for the Hall Of Fame, but I don't care.

Which takes me to my point of this blog. Joc Pederson needs to be banned from baseball for life like Pete Rose. All Pete Rose did was (responsibly) bet on his own team a handful of times, potentially maybe with a bunch of other bets along the way. Was it against the rules of baseball at the time? I suppose. But Joc Pederson actually STOLE this music from Edwin Diaz, which is not only against the laws of man but also breaking one of the laws of God AKA The Ten Commandments, so you know God is pissed off about this. And the Baseball Gods cannot be happy since I think stealing another man's entrance music is the baseball version of stealing another man's wife.

The only acceptable reason I can think of a player jacking another baseball player's song is if a hitter went yard on him or a pitcher mowed down the hitter in a big spot and they are just trying to troll like when Jack Parkman goes yard on Wild Thing and names his pitch The Masturbator.

Honestly, I kinda love the thought of taking another man's song after you take his soul. The fact Fernando Tatis Jr, Trevor Bauer, or any of the guys trying to make baseball fun again haven't done this yet is kind of a huge upset. 

That being said, you can't simply take Edwin Diaz's song after he silenced your team's biggest bats in the biggest spot and after he silenced his biggest critic, who finally bent the knee to the greatness that is Eddie Trumpets.

That gif in itself was worth the thousands of characters I just typed about a baseball player's song. 

Anyway, to Mr. Pederson, please Cease and/or Desist from using Narco immediately or face the wrath of millions of Mets fans that have watched their team simply refuse to score enough runs for them to enjoy a full baseball game in what feels like months if not years. I'm sure there are a plethora of Yung Joc songs that you can use instead (I have no clue if that's true because I'm an Old that barely knows who Yung Joc is).

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