Running A Business AND Being a Professional Athlete with Will Compton & Paul Rabil

On today's Token, we have 2 of Erika's favorite athletes and hardest workers she knows on pod. 

First up is the Boy of Bussin' With The Boys, Will Compton. Will has a hand in almost everything. He's currently an active NFL free agent waiting on that call up to a team, plus running a powerhouse of a podcast. In his interview today he talks about what it's like waiting to see what his next move is, the balance of juggling training & running a podcast, and how Bussin' got the call from Barstool.

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Next up is Paul Rabil - for his second appearance on the pod! Last year he was on to talk about founding the PLL and all the behind the scenes moves that have to happen to create a league, and on today's episode he's switching it up. Paul talks how he's had to change his mindset to be able to lead not only as a player on the Cannons, but also as a top exec of the whole League. Great episode & look inside the. PLL.

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