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Netflix Has Outdone Themselves Once Again with This New Bizarre Dating Show

If you thought Love Is Blind was a wild concept well introducing...Sexy Beasts!

Yes, the contestants are all meeting with movie-level prosthetics and costumes to cover their heads. Panda bears and sharks and devils are going to popping on our screen trying to find love. At the end of the day, I’m sure every person they cast for this show is beautiful and the reveals will show couples ecstatic to see their true form, but just the visuals are laugh out loud funny. Netflix has been churning out these dating shows and people watch no matter what. If this show was pitched five years ago I’m sure every executive would think they creators were on drugs. Not today! Here comes Sexy Beasts! 

You know who is going to love this show? The furries. 

For our full breakdown check out today’s episode of Chicks in the Office: